I help brave business women to slow down, re-connect and live fully.

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Psychosynthesis Life Coaching

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Work with me to make lasting, positive change for you and those around you with small, gentle steps. 

I’m so happy you’re here. The yearning you have for things to be different is a calling of the soul, and not everyone has the courage to answer the call. Let’s shift you away from that horrible feeling that everything’s always down to you and you have no time for yourself. With gentle practice you can start to make the small changes that seem so impossible right now, so that you can step into that life you’ve been dreaming of and send ripples of positive change to the people around you by just being you.

Psychosynthesis life coaching is conversation-based and focuses on your present and future, not on your past. I’ll be with you as you get to know your own inner landscape, what motivates you and what’s holding you back from making the changes you’re hoping for. We can explore daily mindfulness or creativity practices that will support you. We can move your fears away from the dark corners, towards inner healing, connecting you to your Highest Self and greatest potential.

“Free to be me” ongoing life coaching

Meet every two weeks, with reviews every six sessions

“Goal with soul” life coaching

Meet every two weeks to get you to your goal after 12 weeks (six sessions)

If you’re still hesitating then ask yourself this : “What have I got to lose by booking in this curiosity call?” Maybe you’re a little bit afraid of the change you’re longing for? If so, you’ll need to make sure you have the right person guiding you. It might not be me – and that will be fine. Let’s check it out together.

Sam is a very perceptive coach and her insights and understanding of where I was in my life were really supportive.  I found her simple and manageable suggestions of things to approach or do differently really changed my experience of my life and enabled me to create just what I wanted.  Thank you very much!

Elizabeth Pearson

Business Owner

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Sam, she is warm, empathic and present. She makes me feel like I was really being heard, and brought attention to things I was not aware of about myself. The work we did was much more practical than I imagined and it made me become more of a witness of my own thoughts. A window has been opened for me. Thank you Sam.
Moni Lebon,

Neuro-Developmental Therapist

 Card Readings

The faeries are a gateway to deeper meaning and insights in your present situation and a guide for direction and next steps. 

The Faeries Oracle is a deck of 65 beautifully drawn images, created by Brian Froud. Each drawing represents one of the human archetypes, making the faeries a gateway to deeper meaning and insight in your life. 

I read the cards using both traditional and intuitive card spreads. Holding in mind a challenge or issue you are presently facing, the cards will guide you towards clarity and insight, shining a light on unconscious drivers so that you can have more control over choice and direction. 

You don’t need to believe in faeries to work with them in this way – but they do have an uncanny knack of getting to the heart of an issue!

I purchased the Faery Oracle Reading with Sam Pope as part of a charity auction – I didn’t know her but was drawn to the Faeries and was feeling in need of help with a particular troublesome decision. Sam made me feel comfortable, explained what would happen very simply, and we got down to it. The cards were beautiful and intriguing and it was remarkable how on point the different selections were. I was left feeling like I had gone deeply into the issue, and had been left with some ways forward and ultimately with a feeling of being supported as I go on to make my choice. I would recommend working with Sam if you need to gain insight into an issue or want to move forward in your life

Joanne Sumner

Retreat facilitator

I was slightly skeptical about my Faeries reading and didn’t know what to expect. Sam’s calm, reassuring and open-minded manner made the whole experience so relaxing and enlightening. Sam was extremely professional and respectful of any personal issues that I chose to disclose and did not probe further unless it was clear I was comfortable with the choice. I came away from the session with purpose and direction. Thank you so much!

Kavya Andersen-Tuffnell

HR generalist


I coach under the code of ethics and practice of the Institute of Psychosynthesis