I help overworked, successful business owners find their authentic voice for greater personal freedom.

You’re a highly capable business woman with lots of ideas about how your life should be, but so far you can’t quite get there. You want to spend more time with your kids and feel freedom and joy again.


I know how you feel. I was a successful entrepreneur, but I felt lost and unfulfilled, with little time to myself. I learned how to change the script and improve my life, career, and relationships. I developed a daily practice that keeps me sane. Now I want to help you do the same. I use mindfulness techniques and restorative practices, encouraging a spirit of creativity and adventure as I guide you through your inner landscape, so that you can re-charge and reconnect to the life and career you want.

Psychosynthesis Life Coaching | Meditation | Workshops | Card Readings

Sam really changed my experience of my life and enabled me to create just what I wanted.

Elizabeth Pearson
Business Owner